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Adidas Case Study


Our Client

A household name when it comes to both sporting goods and lifestyle brands. We had the pleasure of working with Adidas at the modern Emirates Stadium. This one is for all the Premier League Football and Arsenal fans. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a Box at one of these stadiums, take a look at our construction video


Our requirements

With flexibility and multifunctionality in mind, Adidas aimed for the space to be adaptable, depending on who was watching the game and enjoying the box.

Housed in arguably one of the worlds best stadium, for a world-class team, with one of the leading sportswear and lifestyle brands globally, Adidas required a state of the art sports hospitality box to impress and wow their partners, clients, personalities and ambassadors worldwide.

How did we do?

Rumour has it, we designed and created the best box at the Emirates Stadium to date. With teams from Adidas coming to watch Arsenal play from different parts of the world, it was important the Super Smart TVs could be remotely accessed from anywhere globally, meaning between playing Xbox, checking NFL and NBA scores at halftime they could Zoom call colleagues at Adidas HQ. Whoever was in the box could have a totally personal and customisable experience.

I know what you’re thinking, all of this means nothing without a beer in hand to support your team, integrating all of the plumbing for the modern bar was just one functional element of the box. Creating atmosphere through multi-zone adaptable lighting, pendant lights, specialist concrete resin flooring imported from Italy also used in Aston Martin’s garages shows the attention to detail we are willing to undertake and execute for our clients.

As a modern company and with the social element of sports and events experience being just as important as the game, we understood the necessity to have wifi zones built into the tables as well as charging points and fully functional alexa interface, meaning the lights can be dimmed with just voice control, a modern touch but also a great talking point, or wow factor.


Technical Notes & Special Features

Alexa integrated technology
Brand decorated furniture and marketing features
Wifi integration
Artist character depiction drawings and art
Video documentation for marketing purposes
Specialist mood lighting with Voice Control
Super Smart TV’s with multi-platform capabilities


It goes without saying that the room had a huge Arsenal theme, having some creative freedom with this meant we really got to play around with kits, putting them on the seats, and thirds kits in reserve for when they were needed. In a sense, they could ‘sit with the players’. Inviting anartist to paint a special piece for us was really the perfect touch to an already great looking space.

To document the build we brought in an external company to show you from start to finish what a build looks like, take a look at the video, all part of the service!

What you don't see:

It’s no secret that with this kind of build there are several large hurdles to jump over and compliance to adhere to. We are no stranger to H&S regulations along with PPE as well as non-disclosure and security agreements. We have experience working with all compliance procedures and always consider any additional factors into our planning and design, if necessary using the correct partners and teams.

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