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Atomos Case Study

Atomos partner with editing software brands like Apple, Adobe & AVID to create add-on camera touchscreens for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon. To impress, we needed to make sure we replicated the same level of service, quality and design that this global market leader required from their exhibition stands.

Who are they?


What did they need from an Exhibition stand?

Atomos wished to wow at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2019, one of the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology shows. With world class products to offer, Atomos’ goal was to engage with the attendees, clients old & new, to showcase their product value in a market with so many options. They needed to evidence why they are the market leader at one of the busiest technology exhibitions in the world.

How did we do?

At the core of the venue, Atomos’s stand was the centerpiece, proudly noticable and eye catching from afar, creating a natural gravity towards it throughout the whole exhibition. Accessibility is something we always consider, but most importantly, when a customer arrives at the stand, we must produce an experience that is engaging enough to make them want to stay.

Following brand guidelines we created large arches similar to the company logo, a well known brand in the technology world, these arches immediately resonated to the attendees, meaning they knew straight away where Atomos are within the exhibition, reconniseable and attractive with an attention to detail, each arch was finished with individually programmed diodes.

Customer engagement and longevity were important to Atomos, so creating a buzz, energy and atmosphere was one of the most important factors, along with the changing lighting, DJ and Coffee stand (barista included) and an extensive product wall, we also included a soundproofed meeting room for those conversations that need a confidential space.

We designed the space to create a refined, professional experience whilst keeping the products and customer engagement at the forefront.



The whole project was successfully designed, built, and delivered within 4 weeks, which exceeded briefs set by the clients.


Words from the client

“We approached DCE Agency with a challenging build in a short time frame that would involve reconfiguring set parts to deliver an experience that felt & looked different to previous years, despite having the same floor space and components to work with. It was important that the stand was reusable & for this reason, nothing on this stand was single use or wasted.

Working under pressure was tough but everyone pulled together and worked hard to meet the deadline. We don’t feel the look, feel or design was compromised by the short time frame.” -Lewis, Director of Accessories & Third Party Commercials at Atomos.


Technical Notes & Special Features

Custom digital RGBW tape with unfiltered white subpixels.

The design includes a double leg structure, it can be used to fit many different configurations and has now been used for 5 years. To date, it has been used from stands measuring 4.3x1.5 up to a 21.5x12.9. The height of the structure can be altered to suit show restrictions. The structure is 2.5 hx4.3 w & thus a video wall will fit as this is 16 by 9 ratio.

On-demand barista with freshly made coffee

DJ on stand to attract passers by!

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