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Work with us to realise your vision and create both stunning and adaptable solutions with beMatrix, an innovative and sustainable modular system consisting of high quality aluminium frames which are designed to accept both textile and solid infills for endless surface finish possibilities. 

The internal structure can be entirely hidden to display beautiful uninterrupted large format graphics and surfaces or used to create complex exposed frameworks, visual apertures and freestanding elements. Flush fitting backlit panels and integrated digital signage are also available and can be implemented to further enhance designs.

We stock an extensive range of standard, curved and custom frame sizes which are lightweight, fast to assemble and easy to transport anywhere in the world. Due to the modular nature of the system, designs can be easily modified throughout the design process, reused, and adapted for future events. Easily keep your image up to date but avoid an entire re-design by replicating your stand structure and simply swapping out infills to completely transform the final aesthetic.


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