Navigating The Complexities Of Exhibiting In Airports

Experiential marketing can happen anywhere, and every opportunity to embrace and inspire potential and existing customers is unique. Marketing and ‘exhibiting’ in airports is considered exceedingly effective for brands; performing strongly across most key advertising metrics and elevating the brand to ‘international’ status, increasing its positive perception. However, this isn’t easy to do for businesses – as working in airports requires a great deal of quality compliance to ensure that brand presence can be designed, built and presented. DCE Agency manage such projects on an end-to-end basis with brands around the world… and all of the following is included!

Concept Design

DCE Agency’s in-house design team take the ideas of businesses and turns them into reality to craft experiential marketing, POS and exhibition stands that stand out from the crowd and reflect the brand perfectly. Our creative services offered unrivalled designs that amplify brand presence, gain attention and build memories amongst your target audience.

A high shot of people walking in an airport and sitting on chairs in a departure lounge.

Running Structural Calculations

Our team run the relevant structural calculations to find you the safest and most cost-effective solutions for your exhibit’s build. Where possible, various options are provided to offer a choice of approaches and to ensure that the strict airport safety and compliance protocols are adhered to.

Material Sourcing and On-site Build

Of course, a design is only as good as it can be built – and DCE Agency source and build everything themselves in dedicated warehouse spaces worldwide. This allows us to construct your vision from scratch, and later to transport all materials to the designated location (airport or otherwise) and build it there in the same way.

Sustainable Material Usage

DCE Agency prides itself on putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do – even providing accredited Carbon Neutral logistics to get everything to site! We also ensure that the materials we use are as sustainable as possible, while never compromising on the fire compliance requirements to reach the Gold standard required. This puts DCE Agency at the forefront of the industry as they work to meet environmental and safety compliances set by arguable the highest standards in the world. Working sustainably allows us to use materials consumers simply don’t see every day, pushing our boundaries and designs to be the most memorable they can be.

Safety Content Testing

With such high footfall, it’s no surprise that exhibiting in airports requires a great deal of safety testing and assurances to ensure the protection of all passing by. DCE Agency works with airport safety teams to ensure all protocol is adhered to, including content testing for epilepsy. The public can rest assured that they’ll be blown away by your brand presence, in all the right ways.

A photo of a sunset out of an airport window with a person's silhouette in front.

Liaison With The Engineering Control Centre

Airports have a centralised Contractor Support Centre and Engineering Control Centre to help navigate processes and compliancy for those working on-site, and its these centres that manage all work requests. DCE Agency manage the relationship with these functions for you, overseeing and managing control, safety, and efficiency; 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 52-weeks a year.

Site Access Permissions (The ID Centre)

Of course, you can’t just walk into an airport and pitch up to start work – there are a myriad of safety protocols in place for access requests, and these vary slightly between airport sites and brands. Always putting safety first, DCE Agency works with airports’ ID Centres to formally process necessary ID passes, enforce security checks and control entry for the protection of all.

Staff Safety

DCE Agency supply and require their staff to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). We believe this to be the third measure when considering safety; while education and incident prevention measures should supersede the use of PPE, if these fail our workers are protected against injury. This is above and beyond both legal and airport safety standards.

AIRDAT Registration

AIRDAT is one of several airport partners who manage ADPs (Airside Driving Permits) and applications for AOLs (Airside Operators Licenses). Where required for transport of a brand’s marketing materials, DCE Agency manage these applications and ensure all parties have received adequate mandatory training relating to airside movements.

SafeContractor Accreditation

Many airports enforce SafeContractor standards to help ensure best practice safety standards while minimising any disruption to passengers or staff. All DCE Agency staff working on-site hold the relevant accreditation and we ensure that any clients needing access are able to gain the same. SafeContractor accreditation provides peace of mind and credibility to parties’ ability to operate within current legislation and industry best practice; no matter how the contractors are engaged or procured, or what industry it is they’re working in.

A man wearing a hard hat and safety gloves works on electrical equipment.

Staff Mandatory Training

Many airports require all parties working on-site to carry out mandatory safety training. For both safety and quality purposes, DCE Agency only allows those who have successfully passed such training modules to work on-site for exhibiting in airports, and work with customers to ensure that any parties they wish to have such formal training are able to receive it.

Asset Management

Security practices dictate that exhibiting in airports is subject to airport asset management standards; managing all materials effectively and with strict processes in place for document handovers, change control, permit and project hand-overs, as well as asset data systems. DCE Agency work closely with asset management teams to keep on-site asset data up-to-date in real time with all relevant certificates, as-builts and maintenance manuals, and keeps safety priority at all times.

Collaboration with the Graphical Data Team

Exhibiting in airports isn’t as easy as just coming up with a brand presence and popping it into the departures lounge next time you travel through. Graphical Data Teams at airports hold all drawings for their sites: including as-builts, plans, legacy drawings and details of all existing structures. DCE Agency work with these airport teams to ensure that all designs and builds are tailored exactly to the space they’ll be in to best amplify brand messaging. What’s more, we manage all agreed deliverables and handover documentation of the project plan in line with airports’ document management systems and to CAD/BIM standards.

Adherence to Electrical Safety Rules

Again: you can’t just rock up and plug in lights or screens when exhibiting in airports! Instead all electrical work must be first authorised by airport authorities and carried out strictly in accordance with all current IEE wiring regulations and site-specific electrical safety ules and procedures. Any engineer working on electrics on-site must have obtained a set competency standard to permit airport operations, and DCE Agency ensure that only the highest quality and verified trained staff work on your project.

Work Request Management

Every bit of activity within an airport is subject to a work request being approved – and for exhibiting in airports, such processes can be complex and lengthy. At DCE Agency our knowledge and strategic relationships with airport authorities worldwide help us manage work requests to the highest possible standard and as efficiently as possible, taking the stress out of the admin for clients.

Full Project Management to Set Deadlines

With exhibiting in airports having so many variables and complexities, time management must be implemented into such projects with no room for error. DCE Agency schedules project time right down to the minute and always guarantees to meet deadlines as required.

Indeed, exhibiting in airports is no mean feat – and that’s before you consider that we’re rarely talking about implementing what many would think of as a ‘standard’ stand presence. But over the years of working with brilliant brands, the DCE Agency team have seen superb returns on experiential marketing airside, and we’re keen to bring such results to more businesses. If you think your brand has what it takes to go international but needs a helping hand on the project management front with so many moving parts, we can help. Call John ( on +447595 895836 and let’s talk through what we can do for you; globally.