Carbon Neutral Logistics: Giving DCE Agency An Eco-Friendly Edge

There’s no doubt about it: travelling worldwide to trade shows and exhibitions can be a carbon-heavy business – something that’s starting to impact on organisation’s decisions on where they should show up and be seen amongst their competitors. For most, choosing not to attend such shows is a huge competitive risk, and one not worth taking. We understand this at DCE Agency and that’s why we do different: offering Carbon Neutral certified logistics for your exhibition stand solutions worldwide.

DCE Agency already designs and crafts all of our stand spaces and experiential marketing materials for repeated reuse wherever possible. To add to this sustainable focus we work with a Carbon Neutral logistics provider to ensure the greenest possible travel for your stand, time and time again. THINK Expo Logistics operate internationally across air, sea and road freight, as well as through specialised courier services. Accredited as Carbon Neutral by Carbon Neutral Britain, customers can rest assured that no matter how far their booth materials have travelled, the carbon emissions from the journey will all be entirely offset.

This Carbon Neutral accreditation is verified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, VERRA Carbon Standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals and Woodland Carbon CO2de – matching it to the highest possible standards worldwide.

With most of freight’s carbon emissions resulting in environmental harm, THINK Expo Logistics invest into the Woodland Fund™ Portfolio. This is a specialised portfolio of projects working to plant trees and initiate regenerative projects in British and overseas woodland to instil positive impacts across wildlife, ecology and biodiversity. Furthermore, with both DCE Agency and THINK Expo Logistics having offices in the UK, up to 10% of all of these carbon offsets are made in Great Britain; a rarity amongst a carbon credit market that prices domestic projects significantly higher than those abroad.

When you work with DCE Agency and THINK Expo Logistics, your organisation will be provided with a bespoke certificate detailing the offsets they’re responsible for. This gives a great reporting statistic and can aid with future managerial ‘buy in’ as well as be mapped toward your business’ Scope 3 reporting. We can even help you map your progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

If your business wants to go greener, do better and ensure their exhibition presence worldwide truly leaves no trace, DCE Agency can make it a reality.

Contact John ( on +447595 895836 or Paul ( on +447748 034437 to chat through your brand’s logistics and how we can offset their impact.