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Cummins Case Study

Designing and creating a stand for Cummins was one part of our project, the other was organising and flying our specialist team overseas to Dubai, along with logistically managing the exhibition delivery and all of it’s specialist features. Ensuring the exhibition was built and erected to our high standards and liaising with the team whilst overseas required special logistical talent and experience. Cummins needed to engage with customers from all over the world, with 87% of the visitors at MEE having decision making ability and almost a quarter of which being company Directors, this was a prime chance for our client to impress and ultimately win the business of lots of potential customers.

What was required?


How did we do?

The energy generation industry, although essential in almost every sector globally, isn’t always organically enticing to understand, and when more complex technologies and environmental factors come into play, it’s important to keep things fresh and new. To make sure we achieved the desired outcome, we made sure our stand was designed to house parts, highlight actual physical product features and be as hands on as possible to ensure engagement. Focusing on Cummin’s #Nextgenerationofpower and ‘100 years of Power Generation’ initiative, we showcased a wide variety of Machinery and interactive customer computers to help educate, involve and entice potential buyers to our stand. With multiple private meeting rooms on site it was possible for Cummins to hold confidential talks and close business, we ensured this room was kept professional yet resourceful area fitted with all the needed requirements one might need to keep a potential client comfortable. All our client information is kept private and confidential, but we are sure Cummins achieved their goal, and ultimately built positive relationships with new clients at the MEE Exhibition in Dubai.

What you don't see:

Building overseas has many logistical challenges, from build to exhibition there are many factors we worry about for our client, from ensuring our skilled team are flown over comfortably, as well as the parts, tools and exhibition itself! Every country has its own rules and regulations, many of which are speculated to the very detail, clarifying these and working within the boundaries of what is required from Health & Safety, and Security at all times is one part of the high standard we ensure as a world class exhibition company; overlooked mistakes can cause disaster and hurt reputation, what every company wants to avoid. This why our client Cummins chose DCE agency to build their amazing stand at the Middle East Energy Exhibition.


Technical Notes & Special Features

Interactive touch screen points for exhibitors to interact, learn and engage. A positive Ice-breaker for Cummins staff to open conversation.
Actual physical generators, machinery and products to showcase and impress, visualization is a huge part of the buying experience.
Wifi integration
Multiple meeting rooms to ensure no waiting times to hold those important conversations in confidence
Integrated Monitors and display cabinets
Full brand integration across all panels and features.

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