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Introducing our fully customisable, interactive and experience driven virtual engagement platform built around stunning easy to navigate virtual environments with built in live and pre-recorded content.

Our partnership with Custom Voyager allows us to offer an exciting alternative or hybrid addition to all physical events, retail environments, showcase experiences and more.

Enter a 360 degree photo realistic experience environment designed to the unique specifications of your project and brand which acts as a central hub for your event or showcase. A custom designed UI and interactive floorplan will then provide simple and intuitive navigation to all other areas.


These custom spaces can feature both live and pre-recorded video content including interviews and presentations to enhance the impression of a physical event. The inclusion of engaging digital content combined with with attractive user friendly interface and ensures both memorable and meaningful interactions and networking opportunities for every attendee.

All participants are assigned a unique identity code via the platforms integrated  registration tool. As well as giving the option to remain anonymous when required, this allows for participant movements and interactions to be tracked once logged in to the experience. This generates valuable data that can be used for statistical reporting to inform targeted marketing and communications, data capture, reporting and statistics.

Communications pre and post event can all be handled via the platform, including scheduled push notifications to target and inform attendees and prominently display sponsors. Extended post experience engagement is also provided with pre-recorded video content, surveys and event summary.

Please visit to find out for or contact us today for a demo.

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