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Nike Case Study

This high-level experiential activation for NIKE, took place in Oxford Street, one of the busiest, and traffic-heavy, locations in London. We were tasked with managing the project from end to end. In this instance, we were mindful of the opening times of the store, and we organised our teams to complete the build overnight. We worked with Nike from the visuals & working drawings, through to developing competition concepts that included a testing facility at the factory for electronic ball handlers, etc. We installed an 8m x 8m x 4m Cage on the ground floor of the Nike Store in Oxford Street London.

The Brief



Our creative team were instrumental in testing the success of the competition. Complexities that needed to be factored in, included ball handlers alteration, strength, and the angle of distribution. We had to ensure the flooring was soft enough for people wearing football boots, and make sure that the game was viewable by visitors, and that the balls were contained within the cage. The concept of the game was designed by us, where the ball handler was to fire a ball through different-sized holes.  The holes would light up, crowd noise would increase, the competitor would run back to a spot, and the results were automatically linked to a scoreboard.



The cage had a video wall backdrop that was used to show a goal, and a keeper.  The ball fired a ball on the request of the contestant and then a hole in the cage would light up. The contestant would shoot and the aim of the competition was that the player had three chances to score.  The person that scored the most out of three in the quickest time was the winner. The score boards were displayed on screen in store

Conclusion the NIKE team flew in from America to look at as the feedback from London was so impressive. Client happy. Customer happy. We’re happy!

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