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5 things to consider when attending an exhibition

When you are looking to attend an exhibition, what are the key things you should consider? From logistics to team management to preparations on the day, we're going to cover a little bit of everything in this blog so if you're interested, please read on.


This is the top of every event organiser, supplier and attendee’s list right now. Some people are still very cautious about COVID19 and, therefore, if they cannot see PPE being used on your stand then they may not feel comfortable approaching and make an enquiry.

PPE can include masks, hand sanitiser and vizars. For on the go sanitisation access, check out of partner company, Glo-Ball Hygiene. They work to stop the spread and ensure your stand staff and event visitors feel safe.

Pre event goals, meeting bookings and roles on the day

Before attending the event, make sure all the staff attending know exactly what your company goals, expectations and KPIs are. Just booking a stand and putting a member of staff on it will not give you a successful show.

Things to think about include; contacting the prospects you know are attending to book meetings for the day, briefing the team attending on what the objectives for the day are and ensuring the team also know what their responsibilities are.


Getting your team there is one thing, how are you actually going to get your stand components there? Following Brexit, getting shipments out of the UK is not as simple as it used to be. From shipment documentation, crate requirements, driver visas and additional delays to schedule in, the logistics to get your shipment to an event should be considered at least 6 months before the event date.

You may consider outsourcing your logistics to ensure event success and, if this is something you’re considering, our partner organisation Think Expo Logistics have over 17 years of event experience and will be able to support.

Hybrid/virtual offer

It is likely that the event organiser will already have a virtual platform in place for you to be able to utilise. This will allow physical attendees to visit your stand in real life and those who cannot travel due to COVID19 restrictions to attend in a virtual capacity.

If this is not on offer from the event organiser, we would highly recommend having your own virtual offer set up that you can direct virtual attendees to. At DCE Agency, we work in partnership with Custom Voyager who can recreate every stand we design on their virtual platform.

Things to take on the day

Lastly, ensure the team attending are prepped with what to take. From lunch to business cards to a backup wifi access point in case this is not available at the show. Give your team a list of the things you expect them to take, then everyone is clear and the team can take responsibility for ensuring they have what they need. You can also set a budget for them to spend whilst they are at the exhibition.

For more support or information on any points raised, please get in touch.

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