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Interview with Think Expo Logistics: What has changed in the shipping world for Events & Tradeshows?

We have seen big changes in the logistics, freight and shipping processes for events across the globe. We sat down with Paul Pini, Director at Think Expo Logistics, to discuss some of the key changes the Events Industry is facing.

With the UK becoming more like America in terms of requiring pre show storage, we have seen an increase in demand for warehouse space in the UK. The need to “quarantine” goods prior to a show has been a big catalyst for this requirement. However, please don’t think you need to rent warehouse space in every major city in the UK to overcome this challenge!

Lots of logistics companies, including Think Expo Logistics, will either have their own warehouse space for clients to utilise or are well connected and able to locate suitable space to store goods for a low cost and flexible time period.

Another challenge we have found is getting containers on vessels, this has become harder due to USA strikes and a lack of empty containers. Basically, there isn’t enough container space for everyone!

It helps to be well contacted here, do not fear if you don’t know the vessel company on a personal level! Utilising a logistics company who ship goods more regularly using sea freight can help you to find the space you need. Think Expo Logistics have a container on far more shipments, allowing you to share container space with other clients and get your goods across to the USA within good time for the show date(s).

Due to both COVID-19 and Brexit, we have seen an increase in the paperwork required when shipping goods. The key to getting this process right is knowing what you need for each shipment. Luckily, Think Expo Logistics are here to help as you can call any time for advice and guidance on paperwork. This is a free service.

Lastly, we have found that COVID-19 restrictions mean less workers at ports. Less workers means slower processing times and slower processing times means a higher chance of delay. However, there is a simple solution. Organisation. You can prepare yourself for these delays by ensuring your shipment is sent with enough time that a few extra days at the port doesn’t cause you any stress.

Think Expo Logistics and DCE Agency work together on client work across the globe. We can help you to overcome any of the challenges listed above but planning is key. Advice is free - call us!

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