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Return to Events - Staying safe on site

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

As events across the globe begin to return, we are thrilled to be back on site and seeing our event peers again. We’ve been fortunate throughout the pandemic to win several contracts that have kept us going, one of which being the installation of flooring in the COVID-19 vaccination testing centres. Does this make is COVID-19 experts? Well strictly speaking, no. But we definitely know the regulations inside out and want to share some of our top tips with you.


Wearing a mask is very much “the norm” now. This is no different on site, along with their high vis and safety boots, make sure your team remembers their masks too. In addition to this, we would also recommend partnering with Glo-Ball Hygiene so your team has regular, easy access to hand sanitiser. Together, we can stop the spread and make sure events stay open for good!

Capacity management

This is standard on every risk assessment, knowing how many people are in the venue at any one time will be additionally important. This may mean people are required to book time slots to attend events, which has both pros and cons. We all know that stand holders with a diary full of meeting slots have more successful events than those who turn up and hope people show an interest! Visitors booking in slots to attend also mean there should be a steady flow of people throughout the day, meaning less chaotic crowds.

Minimising COVID-19 hot spots

You can do this by ensuring you have a well designed stand to aid the flow of the crowd. We have put together a document that shows a range of COVID-19 friendly stands ranging from £5,000 to £30,000. With multiple interactive features, several sanitisation spots and clear markings, you can ensure visitors to your stand are keep to a safe distance. You can download and view our COVID-19 safe stands here:

Download PDF • 433KB

Using clever features

Things like kick plates on the bottom of doors, push to open draws and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers means there is less need for people on your stand to touch things. Lowering the need to touch lowers the risk of infection spreading. Lowering the risk of infection spreading results in cases staying down and people staying safe.

For help with any of the above, please get in touch.

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