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Quilter Case Study

The brief from QUILTER's marketing team was to assist them with a large hospitality event for 250 people at the Twickenham stadium for NUFC2019. The area we needed to dress was expansive and it was important that were able to keep the attention of the audience prior to the game, despite other activity on the pitch. We also knew that time was of the essence as we were only allowed access to the stadium from 7am and would need to be clear by 1pm. We love a challenge! Teamwork and planning at its best.

The Brief



We ensured that we had completed as much of the production as we could prior to arriving at the site. Graphics were printed and clearly marked, the vans were loaded for quick despatch and the walls were constructed. All that needed to happen when we arrived was to connect them to one another. On arrival onsite we realised the pre-built walls would not fit in the lift, we quickly unloaded the vans, and our team pulled together to get carry the walls up the 3 floors of stairs whilst the rest of the crew prepared the room.



A stunning make-over of a large space. We utilised the bar to show mannequins wearing the sponsored shirts, and the placement of the staging area drew attention away from the other matches.  The room was divided by an impactful graphic wall, and the bar area bedecked for easy visibility of the TV screens.  Always known for those finishing touches, the finer detail of adding England cushions to the sofas! 

A good result for us and a good result for the team!

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