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RED Digital Case Study

RED Digital have been a client of ours for a while, and this year we were asked to create a dynamic set for their stand at NAB2019. Amy, having worked agency side for many years, grasped the requirements from RED and conceptualised a number of interpretations of the brief.

The Brief



Working with the Creative team inside the agency, we provided sketches and mock-ups of an American style bar, which the production team built from solid wood. Lighting was chosen to reflect a retro-style interior, with tin signage, including a backlit famous beer label and bottles of American beers and liquor to add authenticity.


Sourcing props was challenging at times, we wanted to find the detail that was congruent to the set, and using our US suppliers Amy located some fabulous additions to the build, that exceeded expectations!



Attention to detail is something most of our clients comment on. Mediocre is not a word we respond to, and we don’t rest until we have provided an exceptional, and fun, experience for anyone we work with. If you don’t believe us, take it from Red Digital !

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