Building Relationships, the DCE Agency Way

Every person, brand and exhibition space is different – and at DCE Agency, we know there’s no one size fits all approach to event marketing. That’s why our services are tailored to our clients; to work with them rather than just for them and to lean into their strengths and idiosyncrasies.

Working and interacting with people and businesses in ways which really work for them is a theme DCE Agency Client Development Expert Kaz Pearman champions. Just over a fortnight ago at Infocomm 24, Kaz sat down for a chat on an episode of AV On Air with Joe Dunbar and Louis Robinson to talk through her approach.

As well as managing clients for DCE Agency and being a Mum, Kaz is also a neurodiverse woman and is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing – particularly in the workplace, where such topics are so often waylaid. This is where we believe she offers relationship management with clients in such a unique way, because she truly cares about collaboration and has personal experience of just how important it is to approach everyone as individuals.

To demonstrate the point of how important communication and dialogue is in nurturing relationships and understanding, she abandoned the standard Powerpoint format in her panel session at Infocomm and instead showed just two visuals. The first was an iceberg, appearing much smaller out of the water than its founding structure underneath – showing how what we all see and perceive is such a small part of a business, person and their efforts. The second was a compass. Considering this as personal imagery, you can frame this around your own self and circumstances; with the North being leadership and management, East and West being allies, colleagues and advocates, and South being those that you can mentor and help. Kaz believes – and so do all of us at DCE Agency – that if you can find the people who nurture, celebrate and support you, you’ll feel safe and function better at both work and home.

This is why when you work with the team at DCE Agency you’ll find that Kaz works brilliantly as a constant point of contact and reassurance for clients. The nature of our work is that lots of the team are frequently travelling to shows and events around the world. Where many agencies find it difficult to maintain contact with clients as they do so, we have Kaz onboard to help keep you updated and informed throughout. No matter your query, big or small, Kaz and the team will hop on it as soon as possible and tailor our services to you.

If you’d like to work with a team who really ‘get’ you, get in touch. Call John ( on +447595 895836 or Amy ( on +447801 448072 and let’s chat!